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We empower you to find your strength, reawaken your core, and transform your life through movement.

How will you help me find my Strength?

Whether you are an athlete, working back from an injury, or just getting started on your fitness journey, we are here to help you find your STRENGTH. It took quite a bit of mental strength to get you to search for your fitness home, and we will help you find and maintain your physical strength. We offer a variety of classes to help you move freely and with good intention.

How will you reawaken my core????

Raise your hand if you know where your core is??? Most of us can struggle with this question. Is our core strong enough? Is it just our 6 pack?? I had a baby, will it ever come back??? We can help!!! The core is not just your abs! It’s your abdominals (and that consists of more than just your 6 pack), your beautiful back muscles (they help you stay upright), the diaphragm and the pelvic floor. In the Pilates world, we also include the glutes (that is your booty…got to have your booty). Let us help you find it!

How will you transform my life through movement?

We are born to move! We don’t all have to move the same, but movement helps us to stay alive in a truly functional and meaningful way. Have you ever felt stuck? I have! What  helps??? Moving!!! Even after surgery, the doctors try and get you moving as soon as possible. Why? Moving helps us focus more, breathe better, stand better, and ultimately, we move better when we keep moving. Joseph Pilates said,” you are as strong as your spine is flexible.” It’s true!

We can’t wait to meet you!

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September 25th from 10:30-11:30

Where did my abs go and Why do I pee when I jump?

Have you had a child and are now wondering where your abs are or why you pee when you jump? Have you heard the word Diastasis Recti thrown around and wonder if it's normal and if you have it?? Then join, Rachel Moore and Heather Thompson to learn about all these things and more! We will teach you what goes on to your body when you are pregnant, how it affects us after we give birth, and how to find our strength again so we don't pee on ourselves!

Rachel Moore (Physiotherapist) owner of Disrupt Therapy
Heather Thompson (Postpartum Exercise Coach and Pilates Instructor) co-owner of Core Mobility Fitness

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“Heather is great at giving people confidence. And she pushes me. I love it. She starts you right in when you get here and she doesn’t stop until you’re through – she’s very good.” Of her workouts, Pris says she can, “see improvement all the time – each time I come. I love it. It’s a daily part of my life.”  Now, instead of friends telling her that she slumps, Pris gets compliments. She says, “everybody thinks I’ve lost so much weight – it isn’t the weight at all. It’s just that I’ve gotten longer. I just feel better about myself and get positive energy from Pilates.”

OK I know stretching is important.  I always say I am going to do it.  I’ve been active all my life.  But I really didn’t start taking stretching seriously until the last year.  I have a teenage son, who is VERY active in sports.  He swims, he plays basketball, baseball, tennis and he is competitive in track.  

Suddenly I found myself lecturing him on the importance of stretching.  I saw athlete after athlete hurt themselves because they weren’t stretching and I wanted to do something for him.  So we started Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) with Heather.

My son and I were discussing the stretching with one of his coaches and the coach said he couldn’t believe the difference in my son’s performance since he started stretching.  My son responded “and I can’t tell you how much better I feel all over my body.”  It has become part of our life and now I don’t just talk about stretching we do it!

Teri Lund

I have worked Heather Thompson using the Active Isolated Stretching method to assist in rehab for a chronic low back issue. The results were immediate and dramatic – my back and hips are now much more flexible and I am now pain-free. Heather is a great teacher and really understands the human body and how change happens. She is also a skilled Pilates coach and I found the blend of AIS and Pilates to be really beneficial.

I am a golf professional and have struggled with low back pain and stiffness for many years (the golf swing creates a lot of torque on the lower back). The AIS method is one of the most effective protocols that I have used in my journey to a healthy back. If you play golf, you owe it to yourself to try AIS with Heather Thompson.

Jim Waldron
Director of Instruction
Balance Point Golf Schools

I kept getting a pinching feeling in my sacrum. It was impacting my ability to move properly at the gym and I was unable to lift the amount of weight I normally could. I decided to contact Heather to set up a Rossiter appointment. After just one treatment and a few days off, I have regained mobility and have hit PRs in my lifting! What Heather can do for you is no less than amazing!” 

– Annie Diaz 

When I came to Heather, I had just been discharged from a week stay in the hospital and was walking with a cane. I had an autoimmune disease that wrecked my nerves and made simple things such a chore. 

Heather was so kind and patient. She started with what I could do and built on that. She sat with me through my tears and celebrated my victories, even if it was just controlling one toe at a time. 

Heather’s knowledge was beyond impressive. I was a consistent CrossFitter before getting sick. She took everything I knew about movement and fitness and either elevated or intensified each move. When I couldn’t do something, she had several alternatives. She also broke down complex moves to get to each muscle or nerve component to best strengthen those areas. 

My doctors were impressed with how quickly I recovered, and I owe so much to Heather, her compassion, her knowledge, and her love for helping others.  

Melissa K

Coming in 2021:

Do you know where your feet are and do they remember how to move?

Our shoes may be contributing to our falling foot health! Come and hear how to keep your feet healthy, strong, and subtle!

Coming in 2021:

Breathing, Bracing, and Alignment.

This course will help weightlifters find their core when they lift and be able to utilize their alignment to gain more strength, keep them safe, and help prevent injury.

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Where did my abs go and why do I pee when I jump?

Workshop September 25th 10:30-11:30

Online and in person options available!

Are you struggling with postpartum exercise blues? In this course, I will show you how to find and strengthen your core (including your pelvic floor), realign your spine, and find your body again! Never fear, you are strong, fierce, and beautiful! Let's get you going on the right path to success.

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