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“Heather is great at giving people confidence. And she pushes me. I love it. She starts you right in when you get here and she doesn’t stop until you’re through – she’s very good.” Of her workouts, Pris says she can, “see improvement all the time – each time I come. I love it. It’s a daily part of my life.”  Now, instead of friends telling her that she slumps, Pris gets compliments. She says, “everybody thinks I’ve lost so much weight – it isn’t the weight at all. It’s just that I’ve gotten longer. I just feel better about myself and get positive energy from Pilates.”

OK I know stretching is important.  I always say I am going to do it.  I’ve been active all my life.  But I really didn’t start taking stretching seriously until the last year.  I have a teenage son, who is VERY active in sports.  He swims, he plays basketball, baseball, tennis and he is competitive in track.  

Suddenly I found myself lecturing him on the importance of stretching.  I saw athlete after athlete hurt themselves because they weren’t stretching and I wanted to do something for him.  So we started Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) with Heather.

My son and I were discussing the stretching with one of his coaches and the coach said he couldn’t believe the difference in my son’s performance since he started stretching.  My son responded “and I can’t tell you how much better I feel all over my body.”  It has become part of our life and now I don’t just talk about stretching we do it!

Teri Lund

I have worked Heather Thompson using the Active Isolated Stretching method to assist in rehab for a chronic low back issue. The results were immediate and dramatic – my back and hips are now much more flexible and I am now pain-free. Heather is a great teacher and really understands the human body and how change happens. She is also a skilled Pilates coach and I found the blend of AIS and Pilates to be really beneficial.

I am a golf professional and have struggled with low back pain and stiffness for many years (the golf swing creates a lot of torque on the lower back). The AIS method is one of the most effective protocols that I have used in my journey to a healthy back. If you play golf, you owe it to yourself to try AIS with Heather Thompson.

Jim Waldron
Director of Instruction
Balance Point Golf Schools

I kept getting a pinching feeling in my sacrum. It was impacting my ability to move properly at the gym and I was unable to lift the amount of weight I normally could. I decided to contact Heather to set up a Rossiter appointment. After just one treatment and a few days off, I have regained mobility and have hit PRs in my lifting! What Heather can do for you is no less than amazing!” 

– Annie Diaz 

When I came to Heather, I had just been discharged from a week stay in the hospital and was walking with a cane. I had an autoimmune disease that wrecked my nerves and made simple things such a chore. 

Heather was so kind and patient. She started with what I could do and built on that. She sat with me through my tears and celebrated my victories, even if it was just controlling one toe at a time. 

Heather’s knowledge was beyond impressive. I was a consistent CrossFitter before getting sick. She took everything I knew about movement and fitness and either elevated or intensified each move. When I couldn’t do something, she had several alternatives. She also broke down complex moves to get to each muscle or nerve component to best strengthen those areas. 

My doctors were impressed with how quickly I recovered, and I owe so much to Heather, her compassion, her knowledge, and her love for helping others.  

Melissa K

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