“Pilates is not about perfection. It’s learning to love the body you are in.”

Welcome to Core Mobility Fitness

We are a Pilates Studio ready to help you find your core, your strength, and your power.

Core Mobility Fitness is an inclusive Pilates studio in The Woodlands, Texas.

Our team works supportively to help inspire your practice and build strength and resilience. Our student to teacher ratio is small, allowing us to pay attention to each client’s individualized needs.

We offer private Pilates, duet and small group Pilates reformer classes, Prenatal Pilates classes and Postnatal Pilates classes. These classes are focused on the Prenatal and Postnatal mamas needing extra support to find their core, help repair Diastasis Recti, strengthen their pelvic floor, and realign their bodies and minds after pregnancy. We work to help all of our clients feel great and confident in their body.


Pilates is a powerful exercise method to strengthen, lengthen, and balance your body both
physically and mentally. Incorporating the breath to each exercise helps calm the nervous
system and center the mind. Each movement will challenge the core, increase your flexibility,
and make you stronger all over!

Here are a few ways to get started in your Pilates journey.

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As the thanksgiving holiday approached I began thinking of all the things for which I am
thankful.  One of those things is for my pilates instructor Heather.  I am 71 years young and
a competitive ballroom dancer.  So I need to stay fit, strong and balanced.  There are three
other women at my dance studio all younger who all have private workout fitness trainers. 
When covid restrictions were lifted all of these women started working out more and as a
result all of them had injuries that have necessitated them dropping out of some
competitions.  Not me.  I am still going strong thanks to my pilates instructor.  She is so in
tune to what my body needs and pays attention to all my small aches and pains taking care
that I continue to get stronger.  This has been done with gentle yet firm encouragement. 
For this fact and that I am still at 71 able to dance competitively is remarkable.  I feel very
fortunate and blessed to have found Heather.

~Cathy Wright

Hi Heather, I want to give you a little health update about myself: this morning around 8, I
started cleaning the exterior windows of my house. After finishing 29 Windows, I'm tired but my
back does not hurt and my legs feel very strong. I attribute this to Sherlyn's instruction and
patience with me for this first year. I feel like my future is brighter as I get older. I can't wait to
see what I will be able to do after my 2nd year with Sherlyn. Core Mobility Fitness is a wonderful
place to exercise, not ever feeling inadequate or intimidated. It has made a huge difference in
my life. Thank you so much for providing it.


I came to Heather after I was diagnosed with scoliosis as an adult and was having chronic
back pain that was capable of putting me on bed rest for days at a time. I learned that my
core dysfunction was exacerbating the condition and was told by my doctor that if I could
strengthen my core, I would not be in as much pain.  A few weeks after I started training, I
noticed my back pain went down significantly.  I had more range of motion, I was able to do
more activities than I was before, and my afternoons weren’t spent on heating pads. 
Coming to Core Mobility has restored my quality of life, made me more present for my
children, and just happier all around. I can’t recommend Heather and her team enough!

~Clare Samol

I had back surgery 25 years ago and although it was deemed “successful,” the damage had
been so extensive that I spent the next 20 years on a mix of anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxers
and pain pills. I didn’t take them every day but they were a constant in my life as were various
types of physical therapy. I finally weaned myself off all the meds and just dealt with the pain, for
the most part. In the fall of 2019, the pain became so bad that I was sent for an MRI and
diagnosed with 2 more herniated discs, 1 of which had a cyst in the middle of it and fairly broad
stenosis. I went through a series of spinal steroid shots and although they helped, steroids
aren’t a long-term solution. I did a lot of research and decided to try Pilates to help build core
strength and increase my flexibility. A.TOTAL.LIFE.CHANGING.DECISION!
I started training with Heather in September of 2020. I will forever be grateful to her and the
tools she’s taught me to increase my strength, balance and flexibility. I have been completely pill
and steroid free, for any back related pain since late fall, 2020. I cannot articulate how amazing,
incredible and life changing this whole process has been. I am a complete convert and will
continue with Pilates for the rest of my life. Heather is a talented, empathetic and total rock star
trainer!! I cannot recommend her highly enough; she and her team of trainers are exceptional.

~Laura Daly

Xx4o39QDTZaLhHbV0juahAWe offer Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates!

Whether you are a new mom or your baby is 47, these classes can help you! Do you struggle with a Diastasis? Do you pee when you jump? Have you been doing abdominal work and still curious if you are engaging correctly? Then this class is for you!

Come and join me in a MamaCore class or a series of privates and let’s troubleshoot those issues. Learn how to breathe properly, engage your core, and feel confidant doing your workouts!

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We love our clients here at Core Mobility Fitness! Our community is fun and inviting and we look forward to meeting you!

We offer:

    • Private and Duet Pilates lessons
    • Small Group Pilates Reformer classes
    • Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates classes
    • Workshops
    • Community events and meet ups
    • Classes in Spanish

Lots of fun!!

“I enjoyed their family atmosphere, friendly people, and smaller more personalized classes.
For the first time in my life, I look forward to going to workout and sad when I have to miss.”


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