Summer Mayo – For October, we feature Summer Mayo!!!!!!!

Oct 11, 2023 | General Fitness

Summer is hard working and always has a smile.

Here is Summer’s story!

I found Core Mobility Fitness on a google search after my orthopedic surgeon suggested I started Pilates to strengthen the muscles around my specific injuries. I am a competitive dressage (horse) rider who, while I’m not in the tack, am constantly working on my body as an athlete to further my progress. Cross training has been vital to my ability to function and support the high goals I have.

In 2015 I broke my back falling off a horse and it changed my life. A few years later, I also got a hip injury that limited my life as well.  It has been a journey of self-awareness and hard work to be “normal”. I’m surprised I found Pilates so far down my road but its better late than never!

A dressage riders entity is about balance and harmony. That includes a lot of poise and isolation of body parts to tell our horses exactly what we are asking. Just like in Pilates, you need to have positive tension and body control all while remaining relaxed and quiet. I almost immediately recognized how Pilates could help me specifically and I have gotten much stronger.

Yasmin has been a very influential teacher who has really taken the time to understand my goals, my bodies limitations, and she give me alternatives for some moves that possibly don’t work for me that day. The variations have helped me build up slowly and I can actually track the progress. Personally, I’ve always had a little fear of getting hurt of crossing my line with my body ailments but I have found the sweet spot in Yasmin’s classes and look forward to them. I always walk away feeling accomplished and a bit more confident. Thank you Yasmin and Core Mobility Fitness!