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Nutrition and Brain Health: Food for thought 

October 16th 10:30 Am

Join Tamara Herod, M.A. on October 16th as she presents, Nutrition and Brain Health: Food for Thought. What we eat affects the way we feel, think, and behave. Learn how to improve or prevent many chronic illnesses and mental health issues with nutrition and lifestyle changes. Learn what changes you can make to secure optimal health.

Take home an Essential Nutrients Food List and Recipes!

Be Well with Mel: A Holistic approach to Nutrition and Lifestyle

October 23rd. 10:30 AM

In this workshop, we will discuss the unique nutrition theory that being healthy is more than just about the food on your plate. It is also about balancing key elements in your life that can help you lead a life filled with more joy and satisfaction. You will come away with your own unique lifestyle analysis as well as dietary recommendations and changes you can implement for whole body wellness.

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