Meet Mark!!! Our September Spotlight Member!!!

Sep 11, 2023 | General Fitness

We love how Mark comes in and is always positive and ready to work!!!!

Here is how he got started!!

I was visiting an attorney in your building and saw the signage on the glass and wondered what it was. I stuck my head in and you informed me. I’d always been curious about Pilates.  You
proposed a complimentary men’s class that Friday. I expressed interest but was noncommittal. Had you not called me later that day, I probably would not have returned. So I started Pilates because of you.

What I “love” about Pilates is your studio. At the suggestion of a number people, I signed up for a 5 pack of classes at Club Pilates for a comparison. The quality of the instruction was good, but the atmosphere and studio were lacking, impersonal.  Also, I was looking for “something” that might help with lower back and sciatic issues. Pilates has helped.

You have fostered a warm, welcoming community vibe which I appreciate. All of the instructors are excellent and the variety of their teaching styles keeps things interesting. I want to give a shoutout to Yasmin as she teaches in the time slots I usually attend. I appreciate her calm, casual, warm demeanor as she pushes us.

I think more men don’t engage with Pilates and Yoga because the goals are less quantifiable. How much weight, how many reps, how fast, how far?  But the benefits are tangible.

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