Just Breathe

Dec 21, 2022 | General Fitness

How are the holidays going? Are you breathing?

Are you sure?

Well, I thought I was. I am crazy busy running a small business, raising two small wonderful boys, trying to keep up with my workouts, my meditations and listen to my intuition when it says stop.

However, my days were running into one another, my meditations were starting to fall away,
my body started hurting, the exercise I was doing to make me feel better started to feel worse…… I was about to stop…..

I was about to stop…..

I was about to stop…..

Then I strained my back so badly that I could barely breathe.

So, here I sit, crying, in 10 out of 10 pain and thought…..hmmmm. I wonder who else might feel this way. I wonder how many other people injure themselves during a time that they are just trying to keep up and trying to do all the right things to take care of themselves, but because they just did not listen to that voice in their head say stop. Something else made them stop.

Has this happened to you?

Here is the thing. We will always have that one more thing to do. That one more thing that can’t wait. Or if I get it done now, I can relax tomorrow. What if we relax as we do these things? Seems impossible right? It’s not.. I have felt it. Not at the moment mind you, which is why I am writing this to help me remember. (:

I realize I go in waves. I will be riding the waves and feeling like I can ebb and flow with the long lists, goals, fears, anxieties ect. Then it feels like almost out of the blue, I was tossed off and am fighting against the waves and can’t breathe. Instead of being at peace with the happenings of life, I am fighting it. Have you felt this way? I hope I am not the only one!!!!!

Right now, I seem to be learning to listen to my intuition. I have had a sea of things happen recently that said hey….…. Your intuition told you to be cautious….. Then my brain rationalized it and  pushed it away. In this instance, I got hurt.

I meditate to find a still point. To find a way to continue to trust what my body says. To be able to trust when my mind tells me something different, or society, or this person or that person. I try and find stillness to remember that I am enough.

When I am still. When I hit that point where the earth, wind, mind, body, heart and soul all become one silent thing, my suffering stops. The lists are there, my business is there, my kiddos are gloriously running around, but the urgency falls away. Perspective becomes front and center.  Happiness and joy and presence become front and center.

And guess what?

My productivity goes way up. Shit can hit the fan and I can see it, recognize it as shit, and dodge it, deal and move on. Even urgent tasks simply move up on the list and are taken care of with ease as opposed to this sudden feeling of falling over because I can’t handle one more thing. My day feels more open and spacious and free.

So, why does the calm stop? When does the fear and anxiety and urgency start to grip my soul? I see my life as that wave. Some days I am free and flying and others I am crying, anxious, trudging up a hill of mud and hoping to find that still point again. But the still point never left. That is what I am striving to remember.

The mindful teacher I follow, Cory Muscara always has the best thing to say…

“Peace is not the absence of noise, trouble or hard work. It’s to be in the midst of these things and still be calm in your heart.”

– Cory Muscara @corymuscara, Practicing Human Podcast.

Today I’m going to smell a flower, watch my kiddos play in the dirt and really watch them, or I might to do nothing. For in the nothing, we find ourselves.

What are you going to do?

If you are interested in seeing what I have done to help my back, check out this video! It’s a short sequence of exercises that have helped me restore my back. It’s not 100% yet. Remember, I strained my back. Teaching Pilates for so many years, I have heard of and seen people with some severe back issues so I am very fortunate to have simply strained it. Yes, it was horrible, debilitating pain. But it  will get better!

These exercises are what I did in the very beginning when the pain was really yucky!


About the Author:

Heather Thompson has been teaching Pilates for over 22 years, She is a mom of two boys and loves learning about mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, and anything regarding movement! She loves teaching her postnatal and prenatal mamas! Helping moms find their body, their strength, and their peace is most rewarding.

Have a great day everyone!