Vinyasa Yoga Class:

Get ready to sweat! Made for everybody and Every Body, Zumba is an exhilarating, easy-to-follow, international dance-inspired fitness party that will leave you wanting more! Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it!

Be a part of the class that started the dance fitness revolution and changed the way we look at a “workout” forever. It’s fun, effective and best of all? Made for Everyone!

Hatha Yoga Flow:

Move into stillness. This is the perfect combination of steadiness and ease. Waft between held postures with insightful cues and a state of flow with moments to self reflect. It includes a decent warm up, moments on the edge and ample time winding down. You’ll also experience breath work and meditation in each class. This is your complete yoga practice and is available to all levels.

Ashtanga Short Form:

An abbreviated Primary Series or Intermediate Series.  It can be a wonderful introduction to Ashtanga Yoga.  We follow a predefined sequence of postures each time, gradually progressing through the series.  The class moves slowly, allowing the student to absorb the postures, while grounding in the natural rhythm of the ritual.  There will be a generous selection of variations, the practice will be accessible to most.

Functional Freedom is a movement class centered on the concepts of mobility, strength,
& balance.  This class mixes various disciplines & techniques, crafted to help students
create & control new ranges of motion, stabilize the joints & move more freely both on & off the mat.

Yin Yoga:

A quiet practice, with long, deep holds.  Yin uses mindful relaxation (not to be confused with Restorative Yoga) within each posture to target the body’s connective tissue.  Yin Yoga is specifically designed to exercise the ligaments & to create space & strength in the joints, (YinSights by Bernie Clark).  The practice can be described as dense, heavy, passive, hidden, yielding, feminine, & mysterious.  Yin Yoga can be tailored to each unique practitioner with the use of props, varied shapes & mindfulness.


Meditation is a mental discipline that can help bring about inner peace and wellness. In this class, we will begin by gently stretching the body and preparing to move into a meditation position. We will spend about 15 minutes in meditation with a healing mantra suggested to help with focus as we enter this state. You will gently be guided out of meditation with a renewed sense of peace and clarity. This class is perfect for those wanting to begin a practice or for those with an advanced practice.

Restorative yoga

This class is designed to release physical and mental stress through supported yoga postures. We incorporate yoga props, breathing, and relaxation techniques to bring about a deep state of rest for the body and mind. Poses are held to realign the nervous system from patterns of stress to patterns of healing. You don’t want to miss this experience!

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I kept getting a pinching feeling in my sacrum. It was impacting my ability to move properly at the gym and I was unable to lift the amount of weight I normally could. I decided to contact Heather to set up a Rossiter appointment. After just one treatment and a few days off, I have regained mobility and have hit PRs in my lifting!  What Heather can do for you is no less than amazing!

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