The Rossiter System works by stretching deep connective tissue and creating space in the joints. The body is able to move freely again without restriction, friction or tension.

​I hear you will STEP on me??

That’s right! I will gently step on you to stabilize an area while I guide you through range of motion stretches in order to open your body. I get to be a human mobility ball and you get to guide me as to how much weight is applied to relieve your pain and tightness.

Give me a call to schedule a session and I will be happy to answer all your questions.

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I kept getting a pinching feeling in my sacrum. It was impacting my ability to move properly at the gym and I was unable to lift the amount of weight I normally could. I decided to contact Heather to set up a Rossiter appointment. After just one treatment and a few days off, I have regained mobility and have hit PRs in my lifting!  What Heather can do for you is no less than amazing!

– Annie Diaz

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Where did my abs go and why do I pee when I jump?

Workshop September 25th 10:30-11:30

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Are you struggling with postpartum exercise blues? In this course, I will show you how to find and strengthen your core (including your pelvic floor), realign your spine, and find your body again! Never fear, you are strong, fierce, and beautiful! Let's get you going on the right path to success.

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