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Hi! I’m Heather and have been teaching Pilates since 1999. I am a Mother of 2 boys and I own this wonderful business where I get to help people find their groove again. After my first was born, I healed my Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor using the methods I have learned through Pilates and other DR work. After my second, I was so busy with the first, I had a much harder time healing my DR. After 3 years and still not loving the way everything looked, I dove deeper. I lift, CrossFit, and practice Pilates. My core was strong, but after having two babies late in the game (my first came when I was 37 and the second right before I tuned 40), I lost more elasticity than I was willing to admit. The work I had done was working to a point and halting. I found Sarah Duvall’s Postpartum Exercise specialist certification program and through what I have learned from her and my own experience, I have been developing a system to help mamas heal their pelvic floor and Diastasis, help answer those embarrassing questions as to why I pee when I jump, and empower these mamas to feel strong and beautiful.

In the beginning, I started working with women that I knew also suffered from DR and were lost on their journey. We worked 30 minutes a week. I gave them exercises to take home and we would re-evaluate each week. Why only 30 minutes? Well, as a new mom or mom of several, time and finances are tight.  So, I wanted to offer a way to get the information at a low cost and empower you to make a difference with yourself. The results have been wonderful! I have happy mamas and I would love to work with you to help you meet your goals! We can meet via zoom or in person. Totally up to you! Let’s start your journey!!!

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When Heather Thompson of Core Mobility Fitness first approached me with an opportunity to improve and heal my diastasis recti, I was skeptical to say the least. I have tried every program imaginable for years and have seen minimal results. The few results that I did see plateaud and never progressed. I was at the point of no longer caring and fully accepting that I would look pregnant for the rest of my life. After having twins and two singles in 3 ½ years total with my fourth child rupturing my uterus, my body was a complete wreck. Being built small made my stomach distension even more noticeable. The questions of when my due date was or the congratulations on my non-existent pregnancy in the first few years upset me; however, I soon grew accustomed to peoples’ questioning and comments and just followed along instead of explaining.

At an initial 4 finger separation where I could fit my entire hand into my abdomen, I was able to get down to a 2 ½ to 3 finger separation years ago with the help of a personal trainer which took 6 months. Miraculously, in only 6 weeks with Heather, I have gone down to a ½ to 1 finger separation, and my self-confidence and self-worth is immeasurable. Not only am I able to wear different clothing and fit into things I never thought possible, but also as a CrossFit athlete, my lifting capabilities and form have improved considerably.

The program is simple and easy to follow; however, you must be dedicated to it every single day if your goal is to see quick results. Heather is friendly and encouraging but firm to ensure that you will achieve your dream body. Her knowledge is endless and her professionalism is unmatched. Thank you Heather and Core Mobility Fitness for this life-changing experience. I cannot recommend this program enough for women struggling with diastasis recti.

-Dana Todd

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